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Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. is aimed at designing, engineering and installing high quality
escalators and elevators which more than meet European quality standards. At Soud Gostar
Sabalan B.V. we offer our products and services both in the European Union and the Middle
East. Service, quality and thinking along with our customers are our main priority and purpose.
Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your escalator and elevator needs, question(s) and ideas.
Together we can explore the possibilities best suited to your needs and wishes.

Exclusive agent of the Lafert brand

Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. is proud to be the exclusive agent of Lafert gearless electro motors, which are of superior quality.


Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. is proud to use the most modern technological knowledge. We have a group of highly experienced engineers and we use high quality products from top brands. Thereby guaranteeing the best quality in designing, assembling, installing, commissioning, rebuilding, servicing, maintenance and after-sales services for all kinds of tensile and hydraulic elevators, escalators and electric ramps.”


We are in the possession of all of the necessary quality licenses and certificates, thus underlining our high quality standards and excellent level of service.

Our Services


Are you having an issue with your product? Do not replace it straight away. First give us a call, to see how we can assist you.


Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. is ready to provide you with complete (technical) support and maintenance


Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V., with its experienced team of engineers, is ready to install a variety of products for you, under exceptional conditions and service.

Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. – our guarantees

Clear schedules

Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. offers you a clear and exact schedule, from the moment of our first contact with you to the end of the contract, in an effort to provide the most systematic and secure service without unnecessary costs.


Professional and effective consultations are provided free of charge for the improvement of the quality of the project before installation takes place.


Accurate calculations are made to insure the efficient use of the space where the elevator and/or escalator needs to be installed.

Quality products

Usage of high grade equipment and parts from around the world, produced by the most credible brands.


Proper and safe installation with the use of precise tools and materials in accordance with European quality and safety standards

.Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V

Why Choose Us

Because we offer you exceptional quality according to European standards, excellent service and the best technical support. Contact us and, without any obligations, together we can discuss the possibilities.



Devices installed




How It Works

With the installation or commissioning of various escalators and elevators, Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. has a long-lasting, brilliant record



The shelf life of elevator parts causes the renovation of elevators to be one of the major areas of our expertise. If necessary, we will look with you at the possibilities for renovation.

Service and maintenance

Soud Gostar Sabalan B.V. uses the novel methods of TPM - PM - BM - EM for service and maintenance. This results in a distinctive increase in the endurance of the parts and a decrease of repairs by using preventive methods

Setup and initiation

Due to the installation and commissioning of countless escalators and elevators, our company can count on an abundance of successful and reliable experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: yes, we do. Our experts are highly skilled and trained, to service your every need.

Answer: Naturally we will look with you at the possibilities and choose the most suitable option
with you, also from a cost effective point of view. However: safety, quality and durability are very
important to us and are thus part of our advice and service to you. Safety first!

Answer: We use top brands of high quality. If something does malfunction, together with you we
will look at a solution.

Answer: You can count on our service. With regards to the scope of warranty: this depends on a
lot of factors and needs to be looked at in each individual case.

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